Getting Set Up on FitDEGREE

If you have an account with Yoga on Beacon but don’t have an account with FitDEGREE, follow the setup process below to link your account on the new booking platform. FitDEGREE can be used as an app on Android devices and via your web browser on any device. On Apple devices, we recommend using your web browser, as Apple’s settings do not allow for purchases for virtual classes via the app. 

Android app:

Website (accessible via any device):

Follow the prompts to get registered (detailed instructions below). When verifying your email, be sure to opt in to receive Live Stream Class emails. When you create an account on fitDEGREE using the email address YoBe has on file for you, it will automatically link up with your existing studio account. 

 Check out the video on how to do that here →

 Step by Step:

  1. Click into the Google Play Store or website via the links above.
  2. Download the fitDEGREE app (if using the Android app).
  3. Search for Yoga on Beacon and click our logo.
  4. In the studio, click the login button in the top left corner.
  5. Click Create an Account.
  6. Fill out all of your information and create a password.
  7. Do not log out of the app/website yet. Open your email. Within a minute or two , you should get an email to verify your account. Click Verify.
  8. Once you click the verify button, it will ask you to opt in or out of emails. If you are taking our live stream classes, it is very important that you click the check box to opt in for Live Stream Class emails. This screen will automatically save; you can close it out once you have made your decision on email opt-ins.
  9. Return to your app and click Manage emails. Click on your email address.
  10.  If your account says VERIFIED, you can close this screen.
  11. If your account says NOT VERIFIED, please click the email and resend the verification.
  12. From here, if you have a YoBe account already, it will ask you to link your account to the studio.
  13. Once all of these steps have been completed, you are all set to register!

If you have any questions or need any additional assistance with your account, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to the fitDEGREE support team via