Ben Grieshaber
Ben’s love of music and rhythm has sent him around the country performing for crowds some nights and crickets others! Regardless of the circumstance, he has always been grateful for the chance to travel, explore and play. Years of sleeping in vans and on floors, heavy lifting and heavier drumming created a lot of tension in his body. Seeking some relief from the chronic shoulder pain and migraines, he showed up to a power vinyasa yoga class. Shazam! Like magic, he felt the built up tensions in his body melt and begin to fade away. The feeling he got after every class was invigorating and uplifting! As this practice continued to make shifts in him, the urge to explore further sent him to various workshops with master instructors such as Bryan Kest, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest and Seane Corn, among many others. It was after attending the Teacher Assisting Program with Lisa Black that he decided he wanted to share this gift with others through the art of instructing. He spent a year studying closely with Lisa Black and many of the SHAKTI team in the Teacher Mentorship Program. Continuing on the path to teaching he has completed Level I training with Baron Baptiste in 2011, The Art of Assisting with BPYI in 2013 and Level II with Baron Baptiste. He holds accreditation with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200. It is Ben’s intention to guide each class with care and attention focused on healthy alignment while allowing the freedom to find your practice and work intelligently at surfing your own personal edge. His hope is to aid in awakening each and every yogi’s inner passion for life and help bring light to the world one shining heart at a time! Happiness is contagious… pass it on!



BetseyBetsey Strater
Betsey picked up yoga and put it back down several times before she was introduced to Baptiste Yoga. From then on, she was hooked. Betsey found that her mind and body were transformed by the practice of and was empowered by the support of the yoga community. Betsey has studied with Baron Baptiste and completed Levels 1 and 2 training, Art of Assisting, and Advanced Art of Assisting through the Baptiste Institute. She is currently seeking Baptiste Certification. Betsey is also a certified Next Generation Kids’ Yoga teacher, teaching in schools around the Seattle area. Betsey teaches and practices yoga to offer the opportunity to be in touch with the beautiful, powerful, and unique energy within us all. She loves that yoga meets you where you are, in this moment and offers expression, creativity, discipline, presence, connection, and stillness. Betsey has found that yoga helps her live more freely and authentically. All that aside, yoga is so much fun! She never misses the opportunity to practice handstand. Betsey creates a space in which yogis are challenged by the discipline of the practice but also encouraged to create ease and light. She is passionate about teaching everybody and every body, supporting them as they discover what is possible on and off the mat.




Chelsea Alvarez
Chelsea has been practicing yoga since 2004. In 2015, after discovering firsthand how profoundly healing and balancing the practice of yoga can be, and feeling strongly called to share the teachings that had so changed her life, she completed her 200hr teacher training at Seattle Yoga Arts. Chelsea's classes are inquisitive and playful, while remaining rooted in strong alignment, intelligent sequencing, and a deep respect for her students. She is interested in exploring the balance between "being" and "becoming", and how to fully and lovingly accept our bodies as they are in the moment. When she's not teaching, Chelsea can be found biking around Rainier Beach or hanging out in the woods with her young daughters, Bea and Lu.






Dee Hein
Dee is the owner and director of Yoga On Beacon. She came from spending 10 years as the proprietress of Sadh Desha retreat center on Orcas Island where she ran yoga and meditation workshops and retreats, and provided workshops for people living with cancer and their families. Dee has been studying yoga for 24 years and teaching for 17. She has completed training programs with Ganga White, Ananda Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Gary Kraftsow, Barron Baptiste, and has studied under many other luminaries of yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and more esoteric healing arts. The tapestry of all these modalities is woven in to her teaching style. Dee sees asana as a passageway to a deep connection to our essence and our higher knowing or spirit. She guides her classes from this inspiration with the intention of allowing the brightest and most joyous of us all to shine forth.

Dee has been a massage practitioner for 20 years, working with athletes, people living with cancer and other life threatening illnesses, youth and seniors. She is continually amazed at the power of healing touch and enjoys sharing in that magic. Dee offers massage from her home studio in South Mount Baker. To schedule an appointment email:



DouglasDouglas Ridings
I began my study of yoga in 1993 with Kathleen Hunt and completed teacher training at Samadhi Yoga in 2000. I have been teaching at 8 Limbs Yoga centers in Seattle under the guidance of Anne Phyfe Palmer and Melina Meza since 1999. Subsequent studies with A.G. and Indra Mohan, Robert Svoboda and Aadil Pakhilwala have been brief but influential.

My classes are informed by traditional Raja and Hatha yoga techniques and by my background in dance and other movement forms such as martial arts and dynamic meditation. I would like my classes to be a place where people can harness the power of their senses, focus their minds and experience a state of Samadhi. I hope this can support a longer-term practice of cultivating a balanced and illuminated quality of mind. Offering clear instruction and unusual challenging sequencing that cultivates mental focus and integrated strength without strain, I emphasize customizing a practice to suit individual needs and bodies.





Jocelyn Lescarbeau
Jocelyn shares a comprehensive yoga practice where you’ll mindfully move and thoughtfully reflect. Jocelyn aims to guide you through a practice that will leave you more mindful, refreshed, connected—and craving more. Jocelyn shares thoughtful sequences and alignment-based cues to guide you through the physical postures, while her reflective rhetoric inspires. Her lighthearted nature makes the study of yoga more approachable. She takes yoga seriously….but not herself.

Jocelyn completed her RYS 200-hr teacher training in 2012 in Boston, MA under the study of Ame Wren and David Regelin. Jocelyn is currently enrolled in a RYS 300-hr teacher training which includes a focus on the foundations of yoga therapy with Robin Rothenberg.






Julie FournierJulie Fournier
Julie started studying yoga in Nepal before completing her 200 hr teacher training at The Samarya Center for Integrated Movement Therapy in Seattle in 2013. Julie wishes to inspire students to connect with their own experiences in a simple and mindful way and to open the practice of yoga to everyone. She started working with specialized populations (MS, spinal cord injuries) in 2013 and trained at Mind Body Solutions in Minnesota on adapting yoga for disability. Julie is keen to explore how yoga can help empowering people living with disability, trauma, illness and aging. She currently offers all levels and gentle classes at various locations in the Seattle area as well as adaptive yoga and private tuition for people with reduced mobility. Her teaching is influenced by more than 10 years of experience living and working abroad, interacting with individuals from different cultural backgrounds and conditions and her interest in mindfulness practice. 






KathleenKathleen Hunt
Seattle born Kathleen Hunt has had a lifelong passion for movement. After graduating with a BA in Dance from the University of Washington, she went on to produce/ choreograph/perform and collaborate on numerous dance productions.

Kathleen owes her understanding of yoga to amazing teachers: Swami Shankarananda, Dharma Mitra, Marie Svoboda, Sri K Patabhi Jois and Aadil Palkhivala. Hunt taught yoga as 'Samadhi Yoga' at Physical Culture Dance Center from 1987-1998. In 1995 she formed the 'Samadhi Yoginis' dance troupe which performed at yoga conferences, schools, senior centers and nightclubs. She founded/co-directed the Samadhi Yoga Center on Capitol Hill with Steven Davis from 1999-2014 and created the Yoga Alliance certified Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training program in 1998, training over 200 teachers.






LauraLaura Yon
Laura holds a Master's Degree in Sports Medicine, is a Registered Yoga Therapist and a Licensed Massage Practitioner who has taught throughout the U.S. and internationally since 1992. Laura teaches hatha yoga in the viniyoga tradition and has so much gratitude for the knowledge she received and the time she spent with her teacher, Trish O’Rielly, who passed away in 2001. Laura has also been a student and practitioner of Buddhism for 25 years and integrates mindfulness into all of her teaching. By creating awareness in their bodies, breath and minds, Laura helps her students extend the effects of their practice well beyond their yoga mats. Combining her knowledge and experience, Laura is uniquely qualified to help people who have had an injury, chronic pain or a chronic illness. Whether she’s teaching a group class, working one-on-one or in a therapeutic massage, Laura has dedicated her life to helping others move with ease, breathe deeply and open their hearts.



Lia Hall
Lia received her teaching certificate in 2006 from The Samarya Center for Integrated Movement Therapy and Ashtanga Yoga. Since then she lived in New York City for several years where she taught people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. She continued her studies in Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews at the Breathing Project, Sanskrit with Manorama, practiced asana both independently and with brilliant instructors like Genny Kapuler, and completed the Sacred Shape Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Summer Quashie.

Her highest interest in sharing this discipline lies in calling attention and curiosity to the practitioner’s own sense of personal mastery through engaging their mind, breath and body. Her hope is that we can better serve our communities and the world by committing to the lifelong practice of being our best selves. Learn more at




PeterPeter Lynch
Peter began practicing yoga after a New Year’s resolution in 2000.  He initially practiced Bikram ‘hot yoga’ and found the intensity not only benefitted his health, but helped him focus his mind and better navigate his heart. After exploring a diversity of styles in Seattle, he eventually pursued teaching as a part of his practice, receiving RYT 200-hour certifications from both Samadhi Yoga (2010) and Seattle Yoga Arts (2013).  Peter’s teaching style reflects his passion for yoga as a way to connect to the joy of corporeal expression.  Yoga is a practice of awareness and offers the opportunity to expand consciousness to all corners of the lived experience. He enjoys blending hatha, vinyasa and a variety of other styles of yoga in his classes and also teaches specialized classes for people with Parkinson’s Disease ( He teaches regular classes in studios, workplaces, residences and hospitals in the Seattle area and is the manager at YoBe.  Peter also holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Pomona College.





Ruth Bryan
Ruth Bryan was introduced to yoga after moving to Seattle and hasn’t stopped being grateful since. For her, the mat is a physical space she can call home, since she has lived in four countries, speaks three languages and has traveled the world from a young age. After practicing for 3 years, she completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2015. In 2016 she completed trainings through Baptiste Institute's Level 1 "Journey Into Power" Program and Next Generation Yoga for teaching kid's ages 2-7. She invites you to explore your ultimate home: your body- as well as the tenuous dance of the mind and spirit, with her in her classes.




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